QAEM Copper Industries

QAEM Copper Industries

QAEM Copper Industries Co. produces different kinds of seamless high quality copper tubes by Cast & Roll Technology. QAEM management team is evaluating deeply to equip the plant for second phase to reach its goal up to 2025 which is production of 30,000 Tons/Year of different kinds of copper tubes. All QAEM’s products are made from Cu-DHP and Cu-ETP by using the high grade copper cathode with purity of 99.99% which ensures the highest trustworthy products. QAEM Copper Industries Co. currently produces different kinds of seamless copper tubes include LWC (Plain and Inner Grooved), Straight and Pancake. The details of each kind of tube are mentioned individually in subsequent sections.

We are a reliable partner for your projects and we guarantee the best service for you, before and after sales. It is our sincere hope, thought, that you ultimately would choose us not only for our capability and our product, but also for our dedication to your success. We will build our core business through continuous product innovation to better serve you; we will expand our business to serve growing markets in the Middle East and East Europe where many new opportunities exist.

QAEM Copper Industries established its quality management system based on ISO 9001-2015. Also, this company is the only copper pipe manufacturer in the Middle East that has a certificate of conformity of quality (COC) based on American (ASTM) and European (EN) standards. The senior management of Qaem Copper Industries Company has drawn the vision of this company as follows:


QAEM Copper

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