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Copper resources of IRAN are fairly rich. Copper mines in Sarcheshmeh (Kerman province) have been categorized among important mines of the world. NICICO (National Iranian Copper Industries Company) has already started to develop its capacity in a way to achieve the goal to produce 400,000 Tons/year copper cathode within the next few years. This means producing more feeding materials for downstream industries whose raw materials are copper cathode and consequently contributes to growing these industries.
QAEM Copper Industries Company, founded in 2001 in land of 71,000 m2 consists of production hall, utilities and office building which are located in Murchekhort industrial zone, 40 km north of Isfahan, which is known as one of the most famous industrial and historical cities. The plant is equipped with necessary facilities to produce 24,000 Tons/year of various kinds of seamless copper tubes including LWC (Plain & I.G), Pancake and Straight.
QAEM management team is evaluating deeply to equip the plant for second phase to reach its goal up to 2025 which is production of 30,000 Tons/Year of different copper tubes. All QAEM’s products are made from Cu-DHP and Cu-ETP by using the high grade copper cathode with purity of 99.99% which ensures the highest trustworthy products.

QAEM Copper industries Co. Produces different kinds of seamless high quality copper tubes by Cast & Roll Technology. Cast & Roll (C&R) technology was invented for the first time in 1992 to produce seamless copper tubes. The C&R process consists of two main sections: Melting & Casting and Tube Rolling. After casting, the outside surface of the shell is machined to remove scales and oxidation. Moreover, no lubricants are used in the rolling process, and the material is protected by inert gas during hot working. As a result, the tube is bright both inside and outside, which further improves drawability and yield of the C&R process.
QAEM’s products can meet the demand of industries such as:
Household and industrial refrigerators, Household and industrial freezers, Household and industrial air conditioners, Condensers, Evaporators, Heat exchangers, Boilers, Hot and cold thermostats, Refrigerator compressors, Electrical connecting element, Combustible gas distribution system, Sanitary system and etc.

QAEM Copper industries Co. copper tubes serve many other industries too. These include manufacturers of gas heater, dryer filters, water taps, industrial refrigeration equipments and instillation purposes. We deliver tubes for these applications in a wide range of sizes in all common tempers and delivery formats. Moreover, tubes used in assembly and installation of refrigeration systems need special care to cleanliness of the bore, and are thus delivered with closed ends. All of our mills have the capability of delivering these refrigerators grade tubes in coil as well as straight length. QAEM Copper industries Co. also can render technical service to customer as per their request.

For QAEM, a commitment to innovation means offering products and services which meet the customer’s requirements, support their need to create profitable products and also respond to the need for advanced technology on the part of the end user. These objectives are reached via constant improvement of the surface and body of the product, its form and even its packaging as specified by the customer, by improvement in quality


QAEM Copper

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