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Level Wound Coil

Level Wound Coil (LWC) Seamless Copper Tube is one of QAEM Copper Industries co. products. All LWC tubes are normally produced according to ASTM & European Norm specifications. These specifications were prepared to take account of the requirements of ACR industry.  Level Wound Coils are specially suited to long production runs for industrial applications and it is widely applied to the Air Conditioning & Refrigeration as well as the Heat Exchanger field. Each millimeter of tubes is 100% Eddy-Current tested and any surface defects found will be clearly marked by black color. For heavy coils, we wound LWC copper tubes in “Eye to the Sky” (Jumbo) form as per customer request. During the Annealing process the inside and outside tube is normal cleaned with Nitrogen purging. Moreover to protect the tubes against dust & internal oxidation during transportation or long storing, we purged inside the tube and the tube ends are sealed with plastic caps. Coils on reel are stacked on pallets and shrink wrapped. Level Wound Coils are most commonly supplied in the soft and light annealed form, also they can be ordered in hard drawn temper.

At QAEM, the LWC product is usually packed with wooden or cord board reels (and even without reels) as per customers request.


A level wound coil (LWC) is a continuous length of tube tightly wound in layers and is available in following four specifications

1- Standard LWC on wooden reels or cardboard reels

2- Standard LWC (bare coils)

3- LWC jumbo coils (bare coils)

4- LWC eye to the sky (bare coils)



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