QAEM Copper Industries

QAEM Copper Industries Company has established the quality management system according to ISO 9001-2015. Moreover QAEM is the only copper tube manufacturer in the Middle East who could get Certificate of Conformity with ASTM B280 and EN 1057 Standards. Top managements declare the scopes of company as follow:

  1. Focus on customer satisfaction by commitment to continues improvement of quality production,
  2. Increase capacity of production and variety of products,
  3. Increase local market share and expand trade in global market,
  4. Focus on innovation, research and development and using the most suitable technology in the company,
  5. Focus on health, safety, training personnel and value the human resources as one of the most integral factors for the survival and growth of the company,
  6. To have logic relation with our suppliers,
  7. Environmental preservation and energy saving management and improvement productivity.

QAEM Copper

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