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Copper-Nickel Tubes

Copper Nickel alloy is widely used in marine, power plant and refinery industries due to its properties such as high resistance to corrosion and wear, low macrofouling, suitable thermal conductivity and acceptable casting, welding and hammering capabilities. Copper-Nickel tubes have wide applications such as seawater piping, heat exchangers used in commercial and military ships, offshore oil and gas production industries, refinery and petrochemical units, and water desalination facilities. Copper-Nickel alloy 10-90 (C70600), which contains 10% nickel, is the most widely used Copper-Nickel alloy.

QAEM Copper Industries, as one of the largest producers of capernickel pipes in the West Asia region, provides these products with ASTM B466 and ASTM B111 standards for the use of large domestic and foreign industries.


QAEM Copper

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